These designs are no longer supported (FAQ)

NEW DESIGN NOV-2018 (old chassis instruction are still here)
Multi-parts chassis assembly with metal elements. 3D printed Crystal Chamber steel shell, with brass or bronze insert for an awesome reveal (revealed by unscrewing the front section – chassis include a pogo-pin connector holder). Easy access to the SD card and Recharge port (unscrewing the pommel, removable speaker). Compatible with all soundboards with the “MutliBoards Adaptive Chassis” design. Chassis Part1 can be used stand-alone as a Padawan chassis, without the CC parts.

Part 1 – Main Chassis: kr-luke-hero-part1-lightsaber-chassis
Part 2 – CC Shell: kr-luke-hero-part2-lightsaber-chassis
Part 3 – CC Inserts: kr-luke-hero-part3-lightsaber-chassis
Part 4 – Crsytals (optional)kr-luke-hero-part4-lightsaber-chassis

Additional chassis parts:

Most of the chassis parts needed for our chassis are available at The Saber Armory.
Local hobby stores or online store (as well as eBay) are a good source for parts.
You can also be inventive and add any custom parts, wire mesh, paint job or else to your chassis to give it an unique look!
⇒ 4-40 threaded rods x 4
 Hex nuts for 4-40 rods x 8
⇒ Brass or copper rods – 1.5mmOD 
⇒ Brass or copper tube – 4mmOD