Frequently Asked Questions

Your messages and questions are important to us, however as we receive  a lot of them daily, we’re not able to answer everyone quickly. The purpose of this page is thus to provide information to understand how to deal with GOTH-3Designs. So if you have questions, take some time to read the answers below:


Contact – I sent a message but didn’t get an answer, what’s going on?

We receive a lot of questions daily, unfortunately it is not humanely possible to answer all of them quickly. Also, while each of your questions are important to us, priority is given to design work as there is a lot to deliver. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Meanwhile, read this FAQ entirely as your answer might already be there.

Please contact us by email available from our contact page.
We do not answer to PM on our personal Facebook profiles, and we have low time available to follow our FB or Insta Pages inbox.

Shop – What do you sell?

We mainly sell 3D printed parts for DIY Lightsaber and Props.
They are available for 3D printing on-demand at Shapeways (High Quality Print) and The Saber Armory (ECO Print).
We also from time to time Empty or Installed Props, directly on this website.

Shop – Do you sell complete sabers (fully installed)?

We’re specialized in producing 3D designs, install instructions, … etc. So there is no saber in stock per se. However, it can happen from time to time that we sell unique sabers (in the shop section of this website). These saber are either #1 Proof of Concept for a particular chassis, that permits us to create the install instruction and demo, or misc saber built to fund another particular project.

Design – Will you create a specific/custom chassis for “this” saber?

Yes, if it is a popular saber, a custom chassis will be eventually created, tested and released in our shops.

If the saber is no longer in production (previous runs), or if not sold as empty for DIYers, or just not a popular model, it is unlikely a custom chassis will be ever produced for it and the way to go is then to pick the  corresponding chassis module elements instead to build you own chassis (in the Mx sections of our Shapeways shop).

Design – When will “this” chassis be released?

Sorry but we don’t know. There are a lot of project going on in parallel and creating the best chassis and install solutions takes a lot of time. It is thus quite difficult to give an ETA for a particular chassis release. We will always post news and progress on Social Media and announce m=new products release there as well as in this website blog.

Thanks for your patience and support always)

Commissions – Do you take any custom design or saber install commission?

No, we are currently not open for any custom designs or install commissions. Our To Do list is constantly full of projects, and we’re unfortunately not able to do custom requests.

If this would change in the future, it will be announced on this website blog and Social Media.

Install – What chassis would fit my saber? Is “that” chassis fit my saber?

We don’t know. We don’t have every single saber existing on the market and cannot know their size. That is why Modular Chassis have been created for a wide range of sizes and available on the Shapeways shop.

The best way to proceed then is too measure the internal structure of your saber and browse the corresponding Mx or Ax chassis section in the shop. 

General rule: Chassis OD = Hilt ID -0.01″
Ex: you have an ID of 1.25″ (MHS from TCSS), the corresponding chassis would be 1.24″ OD.

Install – Do you have a specific chassis for the SaberForge, UltraSaber, VV… whatever model?

We do have specific chassis available, but we just don’t have them for all DIY Sabers and Props out there (although our offer is constantly increasing).

Browse the Sabres and Props page to search for the available or WIP chassis (can be filtered by manufacturers, for ex Solo’s Hold, KR-Sabers, …). If you don’t find your prop model here, it has not been produced yet. You can also measure said saber and find the corresponding chassis module in the Mx or Ax sections of our Shapeways Shop.

Note in the case of Vader’s Vault hilts: they are only sold already installed (complete sabers) and not for DIY, so we have no VV specific Chassis. However, some may look into upgrading these saber with a better chassis. Same as  before, first step would be to measure the hilt (ID and length) and check the Mx or Ax section to find the modules that could fit.

General rule: Chassis OD = Hilt ID -0.01″

Install – How do I install “this” specific/custom chassis into my saber?

Our most complex chassis and crystal chamber assemblies usually come in various parts. These parts are listed in the chassis page, alongside a link to DIY Instructions.

DIY Instructions are quite time consuming to create, and could be posted after the chassis is made available. We thank you for your patience!

Shop – Shapeways – Can I change my order? When will it ship? …

Please note the GOTH-3Designs manages designs creation only, and Shapeways manages all production related topics. We thus don’t have access to your order and can’t do anything on it. Shapeways support will be your contact point or order related questions.

You will receive an email by Shapeways when you order, and you can also check the Order section under your Shapeways profile for details. 
Orders cannot be canceled once submitted – as items are produced on-demand and specific per order, Shapeways will not allow you to cancel your order. Please make sure and double check what you are ordering before submitting it.

If you forgot an item, no worries, you can purchase it in a new order and group the shipping with the previous one.

Shop – Shapeways – I have received the wrong model, what can I do?

Sometimes production mistakes happen, but Shapeways has a great customer support. I you have received a wrong model (or damaged one), please contact Shapeways Support. They will replace it and sent it to you.

Shop – Shapeways – My chassis broke, what can I do?

Same as above, if your chassis broke for no reason (the plastic is strong and flexible, so it doesn’t break unless you really crush it), it is likely the print was defective and went unnoticed by post production checks. Please contact Shapeways Support for a reprint. This doesn’t cover any misuse during install or course.