Enhance your Props building experience!

With GOTH-3Designs’ Lightsabers and Props chassis, accessories and DIY instructions!


We create 3D printed art for Lightsabers & Props

We offer the largest choice for the best DIY Sabers and Props available, and a wide variety of install possibilities (from basic / budget builds, up to collector sabers with epic Crystal Chamber).

Whereas you are DYIerInstaller or Sabersmith, using our 3D printed chassis and accessories will make your life much easier and your building experience more enjoyable

It will secure properly your electronic components, and make your prop look great internally!


The most advanced internal core designs for your Sabres and Props!

We introduced our 3D printed Chassis concept to the Lightsaber community in 2014 with great success, and constantly improved our skills and chassis features ever since.

From our practical and budget ECO Chassis offer with our partner The Saber Armory, to our epic Master Chassis printed at Shapeways, all taste are served.
Our most advanced Chassis is the Grand Master Metal Chassis for Graflex Lightsaber, pictured here. A high end collector chassis where the Crystal can be swapped, with a lot of hatches to see what’s under the hood and a spinning crystal chamber.

Complete DIY kits are available right here in our shop for advanced builders.


Take your first step and learn how to build your own Lightsaber

Set your path to become a Jedi or Sith, and learn how to build your own Lightsaber.

You have found here the best place to learn where to find Lightsaber hilts, 3D printed items, knowledge and instructions to help you into this journey!

New to prop building? Fear not, it can seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll see that it’s not so hard. With patience and willingness to learn, you can do it!

Check our Padawan tutorials page for more information!


Build your own Props from your favourite movies!

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