We designs and sells 3D printed Art for Lightsabers & Props.

Our process is simple


We create, prototype and test 3D printed chassis and accessories for specific and popular DIY lightsabers and Star Wars Props, manufactured by renowned producers.


Once the design is approved, the chassis parts are made available for purchase on our Shapeways or The Saber Armory shops, to be printed on-demand.


Once your order placed, Shapeways or The Saber Armory will print the chassis in the material you’ve chosen and they will ship it directly to your address.


We also prepare for you detailed assembly instructions for our most complex chassis assemblies, available on this website to help you build your own Sabers and Props.


Make sure to read the FAQ before asking questions, your answer might already be there!
We receive many messages daily and are unfortunately not in capacity to treat them all quickly. We apologize in advance for the delay in answering.
If your request is urgent, don’t hesitate to send a reminder if you didn’t get answer.


Our partner

Our 3rd Party Shops


We rarely sell complete saber we’re as mainly focusing on designing and testing prototypes. However, if you’re looking for a complete and installed saber, you can contract a saber builder who will do the DIY job for you.
Always verify who you’re working with (reputation customer reviews, …) in order to avoid quality issues or other problems.

Goth-3Designs’ team


Founder of GOTH-3Designs, goes by Rick D. Ryô on most internet places.

Just another geek and particularly a Star Wars fan, who likes collecting / make useless stuffs and toys, and especially Lightsaber! Has been planning saber install and designing 3D printed chassis since 2013 and reputed to provide the saber community and DIYers with easy to install and great looking chassis solutions!


Joined GOTH-3Designs in 2016, firstly by taking over Marketing and Brand development tasks as well as organizing events.

Geek and collector by DNA, loves Star Wars and everything that can prolong the magic feeling of the movies, like the awesome Goth-3Designs chassis to build Lightsabers!