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Prices: Depends on the materials selected and Shapeways current rate. Build your cart using the links below in order to get a price estimate for the full chassis.
Can also be printed in plastic (and painted) to lower the cost.
Crystal chamber parts are optional, buy only part1 for a Padawan equivalent chassis.
This chassis has MultiBoards Adaptive Chassis 4.0 (NB, Proffieboard, Prizm5.1, CF9, I3 or other NEC equivalent).

For 2018 hilt version
(we have no info from Roman Props if further version of this hilt exist, and if this chassis would be compatible with it)

Part 1 – Main Chassis: roman-luke-v4-part1-main-chassis
Part 2 – CC Shell: roman-luke-v4-part2-cc-shell
Part 3 – CC Inserts: roman-luke-v4-part3-cc-inserts
Part 4 – Crystals (optional)roman-luke-v4-part3-crystals 

Old chassis version: roman-luke-v4-part1-main-chassis-old
24mm Bass Speaker holder replacement: roman-luke-v4-speaker-module-replacement

Additional chassis parts:

Brass or copper rods x5 – 1.5mm max OD
Wire sleeve (example)
– optional, to cover the wires passing through the CC Shell
Magnets 3mmx2mm x4

Quick DIY guide: 

– These instructions will details the install procedure as much as possible. GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by DIYers.
– Always wear protective gear when working on install (gloves, eye protection, …), GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible in case of accident.

MAC 4.0

Recharge port

Cut the various part attached in the Part1 assembly
It contains: Main Chassis, Pogo-pin connectors holders (2), Speaker Holder and Switches holder.

The CC inserts (part3) and crystals (Part4) are inserted from both sides of the CC Shell (Part2).
The CC has open wire channels, wire sleeves can be used for a nice effect, or bare wires for a more custom look.

The CC uses 1.5mmOD rods to be glued on the rest of the chassis.
Wire the pogo-pin connector, and super glue the holder to the CC shell.

Then super glue the CC assembly back to the main chassis.

Wire and insert the battery, by pressing it into the chassis (1). Install the speaker female pin connector (2), the recharge port (3), the Kill switch (4) and the magnets (5). all to be secured with a bit of super glue.

Install the soundboard, also secured by super glue on the holder (MAC 4.0 to be cut according to the soundboard used).

Add the magnets and male pins to the speaker holder.

Wire and assemble the 24mm speaker into the speaker holder and add the speaker ca (using super glue to secure everything).