Other Chassis for Maul (Rebels)

Lukyanov Crimson Lord Gen1 (2020) Master Chassis

These designs are no longer supported (FAQ)

ALL.IN.ONE Custom Chassis

This is two chassis in one, long of approx 295mm, it allows to install 2 soundboards, 2 speakers, and has 2 removable battery slots.
The cover and crystal chamber parts are optional.
Style1 has NPX Pogo-pin holder integrated with the chassis (for Shtok PCB).
 Chasiss Part1 Style1 CFX: lukyanov-maul-part1-style-1-cfx
Chasiss Part1 Style1 Proffie: lukyanov-maul-part1-style-1-proffie
Style2 allow a 7/8 heatsink to be added for Tri-Cree install.
 Chasiss Part1 Style2 CFX: lukyanov-maul-part1-style-2-cfx
Chasiss Part1 Style2 Proffie: lukyanov-maul-part1-style-2-proffie

 Part2 soundboard covers (optional): lukyanov-maul-part2-covers
Part3 CC Inserts 1
(optional): lukyanov-maul-part3-cc-inserts-1
Part4 CC Inserts 2
(optional): lukyanov-maul-part4-cc-inserts-2
Part5 Crystals
(optional): lukyanov-maul-part5-crystals