Other Chassis for Luke Hero

Lukyanov Creepy Uncle (2020) Master Chassis

These designs are no longer supported (FAQ)

Shapeways Shop Section ⇒ C16 – Lukyanov

Master Chassis with removable 18650 battery and optional crystal chamber.

Style1 has a Pogo-pin holder for Neopixel Shtok PCB (to disconnect the granade section).
 Chasiss Part1 Style1 CFX: lukyanov-luke-cu-part1-cfx-style-1
Chasiss Part1 Style1 Proffie: lukyanov-luke-cu-part1-proffie-style-1
Style2 has a Pogo-pin holder for 20mmOD Shtok PCB (4 tracks can be used for tri-cree installs).
 Chasiss Part1 Style2 CFX: lukyanov-luke-cu-part1-cfx-style-2
Chasiss Part1 Style2 Proffie: lukyanov-luke-cu-part1-proffie-style-2

 Part2 Battery module: lukyanov-luke-cu-part2
Part3 Cover 1
(optional): lukyanov-luke-cu-part3
Part4 Cover 2
(optional): lukyanov-luke-cu-part4
Part5 Cover 3
(optional): lukyanov-luke-cu-part5
Part6 Crystal Chamber 
(optional): lukyanov-luke-cu-part6
Part7 Crystal
(optional): lukyanov-luke-cu-part7

Switches box: lukyanov-luke-cu-switches-box