Other Chassis for Baylan Skoll (Ahsoka)

Tutorial for KR-Sabers Skoll (2024) Master Chassis

One of our best Master Chassis design turned to the Dark Side.
This is a beautifully detailed core and crystal chamber, with doors and spinning plasma gate. It also features pixel rings at the top and bottom of the chamber for very nice effects.


Other Parts Details

– 2mmx2mm x 12
Rods and tubes:
– 3mmOD tubes: 4 x 54mm length
– 1.5mmOD rods: 4 x 94mm length, 2 x 35mm length, 2 x 26.5mm length
– 1mmOD tubes to be cut at length while installing (approx 4mm length each)


  • Disclaimer

    GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by DIYers during their install. You must have a good understanding of what you’re doing, of the components used and the safety measures associated to them. Always wear protective gear when working on install (gloves, eye protection, …), GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible in case of accident.

  • Note #1

    Always use the smallest wires to make your install easier. There can be big differences between one wire type and another for the same AWG specs. PTFE Wires with the smallest OD are recommended such as those sold at The Saber Armory. A good wire management is also required, routing wires properly helps a lot saving space.

  • Note #2

    These instructions will not cover how to wire the soundboard, make sure to learn how to by reading the manual. We have also typical soundboards wiring available in the Padawan Tutorials. Always test your install along the way! Verifying that everything works after important steps is better than having to dismount everything because something wasn’t wired properly.

KR-Sabers’ Overview Video

Installation Guide – Master Chassis

  • Step 1 – Prepare the chassis parts.
    The main chassis has 2 parts to be separated / cut.
    The crystal holder has also to parts to be separated cut using a dremel cutting disk.

    Weathering the chassis parts is done at teh step

    Step 2 – Assemble (glue together) the following parts

    Step 3 – Prepare the chassis part, rods and tubes.
    Make a pre-assembly to check everything fits well together. 
    Also glue the magnets for the CC doors and soundboard cover.

    Step 4 – Wire and install (glue) the switch in its slot on the upper chassis part.
    Remember to properly manage the wires on each next step. The wires go down the chassis using the 4 x 3mmOD tubes. 

    Step 5 – Wire the motor, then glue the spinning part on the stem (being extra careful not to glue on the motor itself)

    Step 6 – Insert the motor assembly in the upper chassis and glue it.

    Step 7 – Wire and install the accent pixel ring 1 in the upper chassis

    Step 8 – Wire and install the main NPXL connector

    Step 9 – Glue the light diffusion clear part on the upper chassis, then add the metal top part

    Step 10 – Insert the wires into the second metal part and assemble (glue) the parts together using the rods for proper alignment.

    Step 11 – Add the 3mmOD tubes and the next CC metal part

    Step 12 – The CC doors must be in place while sliding the CC cage in

    Step 13 – Pass the wires into the next CC part, then install (glue) the crystal in its holder

    Step 14 – Add and glue in place the last CC part

    Step 15 – Install the bottom CC light diffuser with its pixel ring 2 glued in it.
    Manage the wires properly with the pixel ring 2 to limit their number.

    Step 16 – Wire and install (glue) the positive battery tab in its slot

    Step 17 – join the chassis together

    Step 18 – (optional) add an accent pixel strip on the back. Make sure to located it far down enough in order not to prevent the soundboard cover from sitting flush.

    Step 19 – Install the negative battery tab and the related kill switch

    Step 20 – Wire and install the speaker in its slot

    Step 21 – Wire and glue the soundboard in its slot

    Step 22 – Cut and glue the 2mmOD tubes in their respective hole

    Step 23 – Glue the cosmetic 22awg wires in the slots (6 at the bottom and 4 shorts at the top)