Other Chassis for Vader DV6

Tutorial for KR Lord DV6 / Korbanth DV6v3 (2023) - Master

An imposing Master Chassis worthy of Lord Vader!
It a fully removable core, featuring a double crystal chamber and an overall design inspired by Darth Vader.


Other Parts Details



  • Disclaimer

    GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by DIYers during their install. You must have a good understanding of what you’re doing, of the components used and the safety measures associated to them. Always wear protective gear when working on install (gloves, eye protection, …), GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible in case of accident.

  • Note #1

    Always use the smallest wires to make your install easier. There can be big differences between one wire type and another for the same AWG specs. PTFE Wires with the smallest OD are recommended such as those sold at The Saber Armory. A good wire management is also required, routing wires properly helps a lot saving space.

  • Note #2

    These instructions will not cover how to wire the soundboard, make sure to learn how to by reading the manual. Always test your install along the way! Verifying that everything works after important steps is better than having to dismount everything because something wasn’t wired properly.

  • Note #3

    3D printed parts can have very slight accuracy variations. In some rare cases, some sanding or hole deburring can be required. Additionally, metal parts can arrive a bit bent, but are normally easy to bend back into shape. Consult the FAQ if you encounter issues with parts that cannot be solved easily.

Note on chassis cost

  • This chassis is big and heavy, the cost in full metal (like Brass) is thus rather high. Always remember that all parts are also available in high quality nylon plastic, which allow to lower the overall chassis cost. Here is an example and MJF black plastic / natural brass mix that retain the really nice chassis look while being significantly cheaper.

DIY Instructions

  • Coming soon – work in progress