SaberBay Darksaber Crystal Chamber add-on – reservation

Reservations are now closed.
You can find the Crystal Chamber add-on on Shapeways:


Reservation and payment for Saberbay Darksaber Crystal Chamber add-on.
The part is made of brass and produced by Shapeways.
This is a bulk price order. The part will be later available on-demand at Shapeways (price around $130)
A 3D printed crystal is also included to be used directly in the chamber or as template for stone sizing.

  • Order: Please make sure that your email address is the same as used to reserve Saberbay Darksaber (the same email address used to email
                EU Customers, please contact us to
  • Shipping: The Crystal Chamber parts will be sent directly to Saberbay and added to your Darksaber
  • Cancelation policy: The order being printed on-demand at Shapeways, It cannot be canceled and will be bond to you Darksaber order at Saberbay.
  • Return policy: No return accepted on this item.

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