Graflex Mentor Chassis Var2


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Test chassis with Copper Solo’s Hold Deluxe Blade Holder, Steel and Brass Metal parts.
Sold as is for parts.

Installed with NEC Igniter 3. This was build to test both the chassis and Igniter 3. While the chassis works great, the I3 didn’t bring satisfaction. This chassis was meant to be stripped and started over.
We include a CFX Soundboard upgrade chassis with 28mm bass speaker holder and metal cover replacement.
2 x 18650 battery packs are included + their USB charger.
Blade Plug included. Top blade holder parts in nylon plastic.

No warranty on the electronic install.
This is a quick wiring job with wrong wire AWG, for chassis and soundboard testing purpose only – it shall not be representative of our install quality.

Can be stripped for parts and sent dismounted on demand..

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