Graflex Grand Master Metal – Complete DIY Kit – On Demand


Complete Graflex Grand Master Metal chassis DIY kit.
The chassis will be printed on-demand for this order, and shipping is normally expected within 2 month after ordering.

It includes a complete chassis, with accessories and all electronic components to install it. (see list below).
It can also include a Flashgun for conversion, vintage or replica.

3 Variants available
– Brass chassis kit only – US$1999 
– Brass chassis kit + Flashgun KR Gen2 + WannaWanga kit* – US$2249
– Brass chassis kit + Vintage (in good state) + WannaWanga kit* – US$2669

More material choice possible like silver – contact us
(Example – silver parts add +$550)

*WannaWanga kits are ANH or ESB and contain Grips, Clamp item, and D-ring.

– Tools to perform the conversion are not supplied.
– Weathering chemicals are not supplied.
– Heatshrink tubing are not supplied.
– Removable Keepower batteries not included (due to shipping restrictions).
– Neopixel blade not included (7/8 blade).
– This is an expert level build, for experienced installers. By buying you acknowledge having read this page entirely.

Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Shipping: will ship in approx. 2 month after ordering.

Return policy: No return accepted on this item.

Order cancelation policy: Being on-demand printing, this order cannot be canceled. Make sure to have thoroughly read everything including build instructions.



Parts included in this kit:

Complete Grand Master Chassis parts, including blade holder and 2 crystals.
Brass chassis kit = all metal parts in Natural Brass to be weathered, except Part16 in Natural Copper.

Note: Want additional materials choice?
=> order the Brass chassis kit and contact us. We’ll setup a custom additional order for you.


– 1 x Crystal Focus 10 MK2 soundboard
– 1 x OLED Screen (New version – KR-Sabers OLED)
– 1 x Motor
– 1 x KR 3W 28mm Bass Speaker
– 1 x KR Shtok V3 NPXL Connector
– 1 x 7/8″ NPXL Connector holder + lens
– 1 x set of resistors (3) for tangible font selection
– 1 x SMD resistor for red 3mm led
– 2 x 2020 pixel strips (new KR 2020 strips)
– 4 X single pixel accents (New KR 2020 Nano pixels)
– 1 X single pixel accents (5050)
– 1 x 3mm red accent LED
– 1 x High Amp Kill Switch
– 1 x Switches PCB (new – duplicate switches on soundboard module)
– 2 x blade holder switches (1 brass tactile, 1 slim profile)
– 2 x Battery contacts (pos and neg)
– 2 x Bulgin Pins 10A set (Male and Female)
– 6 x Bulgin Pins 1A set (Male and Female)
– 2 x Mill-Max pins (10 pins bar each – to be cut)
– 1 x Mill-Max Socket (10 sockets bar – to be cut)
– 1 x set of PTFE Wires (22awg, 28awg, 30awg)
– 1 x copper electric cable (for Arc Reactor)
Other Parts
– 10 x 3mmOD 2mm thick
– 34 x 2mmOD 2mm thick
– 30 x 2mmOD 1mm thick
– 1 x set of Flat Head M2 screws (2 for black emitter parts)
– 1 x set of Black socket head M2 screws (2 for middle chassis)
– 1 x set of M2 nuts (2 for middle chassis)
– 1 x set of Black socket head M1.6 screws (2 for back chassis)
– 1 x set of M1.6 nuts (2 for back chassis)
– 1 x 4-40 retention screw (NPX connector retention)
– 1 x 4-40 screw (Blade retention)
– 3 x 4-40 hex nuts
– 1 x 4-40 brass threaded rod
– 1 x set of 4mmOD tubes (brass approx 55mm length, aluminium and copper approx 145mm length – to be cut)
– 1 x brass 2mmOD tubes (to be cut)
– 1 x copper or alum 1mmOD Tube (to be cut)
– 1 x brass 1.5mmOD rod (approx 93mm length – to be cut)
– 1 x nickel 1mmOD rod (to be cut)
– 1 x nickel 0.5mmOD rod (helps to sand and clear the 1mmOD tube)