Baylan Skoll’s Collector Lightsaber and Master Chassis – User Guide


  • Important notes:

    – This “hero” prop is a collector item which is not meant for dueling or heavy beating.
    – Remember to always check the battery polarity before inserting it into the chassis (button goes at the top)
    – When inserting the chassis into the hilt, please avoid contact between the pogo-pins (connector at the top to the chassis) and the hilt metal, as it could create a short.
    – If the sound starts crackling, it is very likely that the battery starts to be depleted and need swapping with the fully charger one.

  • Warranty:

    This Lightsaber comes with a lifetime warranty, covering all events of faulty electronic, break, …etc.
    Please contact our email for any questions or issues.

  • Credits and Tags:

    @GOTH_3designsCedric VIDAL – Chassis art designer and prop builder
    @SabersForeverJonathan Rossi – Soundboard programmer
    @KRSabersKhal Jahromi-Mohazzeb – Hilt producer
    @Kyberphonic Jesse Kirkbride – Soundfont designer

User Guide Video

  • 00:00:07 – Box intro
    00:00:12 – Hilt
    00:00:43 – Master Chassis
    00:01:13 – Removable Li-ion Battery
    00:01:33 – Starting Things Up
    00:02:44 – Blade
    00:03:18 – Display Stand
    00:03:42 – Utility Tray and Battery Charger
    00:04:13 – Blade Color and Sounds Demo
    00:05:30 – Change profiles
    00:06:08 – Quick Guide / Ending

Lightsaber Build Timelapse Video

  • Coming soon – stay tuned!

Quick Start Guide Copy

Main Button Controls

  • 1 Button Controls


    Click = do short click (so Double Click is two short clicks in quick succession)
    Long Click = hold button for 1 second and release
    Hold = hold button down
    Click and Hold = hold on Xth click (so Double Click and Hold would be click twice and hold on second click)
    Click + Long Click = do X clicks then do long click (so Double Click + Long Click would be click twice then do a long click)
    Clash = hit the saber
    Hold + Clash = hit the saber while holding the main button 

    Standard Controls While Blade is OFF

    • Turn On / Ignite Saber* = Click
      *If the saber has not been used for a while (asleep) first Click will Wake up motion detection and boot sound will play
    • Turn On / Ignite Saber (Muted) = Click + Long Click
    • Start / Stop Music Tracks = Double Click (pointing straight up)
    • Track Player = Double Click (parallel or down)
      Turn Right (Stepped) = Next Track
      Turn Left (Stepped) = Previous Track
      Click button = Play Current Track Once
      Hold button = Random (will play current track and then randomly select next tracks)
      Hold button + Turn Right = Rotate (will play current track and then next sequential tracks)
      Hold button + Turn Left = Loop Current Track
    • Force/Quote Player – Triple Click
      If quotes exist in current font pointing straight down will toggle between Force/Quote and play
      *Quotes play sequentially 1,2,3…
      If parallel will do Force/Quote based on current mode
      Special Abilities (Style Controlled) (requires FETT263_SPECIAL_ABILITIES)
      Hold PWR + Turn Right (parallel or up) = Special Ability 5 (USER5)
      Hold PWR + Turn Left (parallel or up) = Special Ability 6 (USER6)
      Hold PWR + Turn Right (pointing down) = Special Ability 7 (USER7)
      Hold PWR + Turn Left (pointing down) = Special Ability 8 (USER8)
    • Next Preset = Long Click  (parallel or up)
    • Previous Preset = Long Click  (pointing down)
    • Scroll Presets (using twist menu) = Hold
      Turn Right (Stepped) = Next Preset
      Turn Left (Stepped) = Previous Preset
      Click button = Select Preset
      Hold button = Select and Ignite Preset
      Long Click button = First Preset
    • Volume Menu = Hold + Clash (parallel or up)
      Turn Right (Stepped) = Increase Volume (to max)
      Turn Left (Stepped) = Decrease Volume (to min)
      Click button = Exit
    • Battery Level* = Double Click + Long Click
      Point down for volts, parallel or up for percent

    Standard Controls While Blade is ON

    • Turn Off / Retract Blade = Hold
    • Clash Effect = Clash Saber
    • Lockup Effect = Hold + Clash
    • Lightning Block = Double Click and Hold
    • Blast Effect = Click / Double Click / Triple Click
    • Multi-Blast Mode = Hold + Swing
      Each Swing in Multi-Blast Mode will deflect Blast effect
      To exit, click PWR or do Clash
    • Force/Quote = Long Click 
      If pointing down will toggle Force/Quote mode and do Force Effect or play Quote accordingly
      *Quote plays sequentially
      If parallel will do Force/Quote
    • Stop Track* – Double Click 
      *if track is playing while ON
      To start/select track saber must be OFF
    • Color Change = 4 Clicks (parallel or down)
    • Color Zoom* = Double Click and Hol, Release to Save
      *For Color List or ColorWheel you can Hold PWR down to zoom in color for easier selection
      Release PWR to save

    Edit Mode (for information)

    Enter Edit Mode = While Off, Double Click and Hold
    While in Edit Mode controls are as follows:
    Rotate Forward, Increase Value, Confirm “Yes” = Turn Right (Stepped)
    Increment by 5 (Fonts, Tracks, Blade Length) = Hold PWR + Turn Right
    Increment by 500 (Ignition Time, Ignition Delay, Retraction Time, Retraction Delay) = Hold PWR + Turn Right
    Increment by 5000 (Ignition Option2, Retraction Option2) = Hold PWR + Turn Right
    Rotate Back, Decrease Value, Confirm “No” = Turn Left (Stepped)
    Increment by 5 (Fonts, Tracks, Blade Length) = Hold PWR + Turn Left
    Increment by 500 (Ignition Time, Ignition Delay, Retraction Time, Retraction Delay) = Hold PWR + Turn Left
    Increment by 5000 (Ignition Option2, Retraction Option2) = Hold PWR + Turn Left
    Select, Save, Enter = Click button
    Cancel, Revert, Go Back = Long Click button
    Go to Main Menu (from sub-menu) – Hold button
    Exit Edit Mode – Hold button (or rotate to “Exit”) while in Main Menu

Soundboard Setup

  • Soundboard = ProffieBoard 3.9
    Sound Fonts / blade colors list:
    1 – Baylan Skoll / Dark Orange
    2 – Ahsoka Tano / White
    3 – Anakin Skywalker / Blue
    4 – Sabine Wren / Green
    5 – Ezra Bridger / Cyan
    6 – Marrok / Red
    7 – Revan / Purple
    8 – Rey / Yellow
    9 – Kylo Ren / Unstable Red
    10 – Mario Kart / Take the rainbow Road (a setup just for fun that we created with our colleagues Jesse and Jonathan)
    11 – Fire / The fireblade
    12 – Crispity / A sound effects demo pink blade
    13 – Battery Level / Show how charged the battery is on the blade or chassis.

    Config file copy (for safe keeping)
    This file is also on the SD card.

Components details

  • List from chassis top to bottom

    • Pixel blade connector
    • Accent Pixel ring
    • Motor 47rpm
    • Accent pixel (crystal)
    • Accent LED red
    • Accent Pixel ring
    • Battery contacts
    • Battery
    • Soundbaord
    • Accent Pixel
    • 28mm Bass Speaker 3W

    Battery type

    KEEPPOWER 18650 3.7V 3000MAH