Other Chassis for Qui-Gon

KR QGJ Chassis (2015)

(v. 2016 – Old hilt)

Parts Details:

1- 3D printed Chassis parts:

Shapeways Shop Section ⇒ C3 – KR-Sabers 

Custom Chassis assembly:
For Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte: kr-qui-gon-jinn-nb3-chassis-kit
 For NEC I3 (and similar): kr-qui-gon-jinn-i2-spark2-chassis-kit

2- DIY empty hilts:

 Contact KR-Sabers

3- Electronic components:

Saber electronic components are basically more or less similar from one saber to another. You’ll need a main Led, a Battery, a recharge port, one or two switches, a soundboard, accent leds, a speaker and wires. Then the blade is the last part of your saber, they are usually made from PolyCarbonate tubes + tip.
You can find most of what you’ll need at The Saber Armory. Some components can also be found at The Saber Bay on Etsy. Local electronic shops or online stores like Digikey are also a good source.

Soundboard, check at Plecter Labs (also sold at TCSS) for Nano Biscotte , or Naigon Electronic Creations for Spark2/I2.
Battery, 18650 pre-wired batteries recommended from Solo’s Hold.
 Wires, we strongly recommend PTFE wires, as the insulation is thin while still able to handle current very well. You can find them from this eBay shop for example. Use the smallest AWG size possible:
– Tri-Cree install => 30awg for eveything
– Neopixel install => 32 awg wires for everything except Battery and Neopixel strip + and – (24awg PTFE).
 Main Led, Tri-Cree XPE-2
 Switch, tactile switch
 Speaker, 28mm Speakers flat or bass[/expand]
1″ OD blades
When the blade is removed, a blade plug is commonly used to block the light (security and aesthetic) ⇒ Example in the shop.






Installation instructions:

– These instructions will details the install procedure as much as possible. GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by DIYers.
– Always wear protective gear when working on install (gloves, eye protection, …), GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible in case of accident.

Note 1: 30awg wires and smaller are mandatory for this install (30awg for main wires and 32awg  for accent leds and switches are highly recommended)…. Oh and definitely use colored wires to make your life easier.

Note 2: These instructions will not cover how to wire the NB3 (or Spark 2), make sure to learn how to by reading Plecter Labs manual.

Note 3: Recharge port wiring reminder:

Install level: Beginner.

Step1: Fit the soundboard. File a bit the sides of the NB to make them plat and verify it fits OK into the chassis.

Step2: Install the recharge port. You have to cut the leads of the recharge port as short as possible to be able to slide the port in the chassis.

Step3: Install the 28mm speaker. And check the picture below to see where all the wires have to pass.

Notes: you can also add an accent led to light up the pommel.

Step4: Install the soundboard. Always take a bit more time to test and make sure your install works properly!



Step5: Install the battery and led module.


Step7: Install the switch. Here is the most tricky part of this easy build. The tactile switch (TCSS) has to be glued on the dedicated chassis little part as shown below.


The battery / led module gets inserted first into the hilt, and the switch part inserts from there:

(there is room on the side to let the wire pass through)


Then you finish by screwing the hilt switch on top of it (be careful to have the chassis part well centered, so that when screwing the hilt switch, it doesn’t turn the chassis part and twist the wires).


Step8: Link lower and upper parts. And of course, test again everything works fine including the main switch.




Step9: Finish your saber




All done!! Congrats and enjoy 😉