Other Chassis for Luke Hero

PP Luke Hero Chassis

Parts Details:

1- 3D printed Chassis parts:

Shapeways Shop Section ⇒ C4 – Phoenix Props

Prices: Depends on the materials selected and Shapeways current rate. Build your cart using the links below in order to get a price estimate for the full chassis.
Can also be printed in plastic (and painted) to lower the cost.
Crystal chamber parts are optional, buy only part1 for a Padawan equivalent chassis.
Install Level: Intermediate

Part 1 – Main Chassis CFX: korbanth-pp-luke-hero-part1-cfx
Part 1 – Main Chassis Proffie: korbanth-pp-luke-hero-part1-proffie
Part 2 – CC Shell: korbanth-pp-luke-hero-part2
Part 3 – CC Inserts: korbanth-pp-luke-hero-part3
Part 4 – Crystals (optional): korbanth-pp-luke-hero-part4

Or for budget builds:
ECO Chassis: korbanth-hero-fdm-eco-chassis

2- ROTJ Luke Hero Hilt:


3- Additional chassis parts:

Most of the chassis parts needed for our chassis are available at The Saber Armory.
Local hobby stores or online store (as well as eBay) are a good source for parts.
You can also be inventive and add any custom parts, wire mesh, paint job or else to your chassis to give it an unique look!
⇒ Brass or copper rods – 1.5mm  OD
Brass or Copper – 4mm OD tube

Magnets 3mmx2mm x4

4- Electronic components:

Saber electronic components are basically more or less similar from one saber to another. You’ll need a main Led, a Battery, a recharge port, one or two switches, a soundboard, accent leds, a speaker and wires. Then the blade is the last part of your saber, they are usually made from PolyCarbonate tubes + tip.
You can find most of what you’ll need at The Saber Armory. Some components can also be found at The Saber Bay on Etsy. Local electronic shops or online stores like Digikey are also a good source.
Soundboard, CFX or ProffieBoard
Battery, 18650
⇒ Recharge Port 1.3mm High Amp Recharge port
⇒ Slider switch High Amp kill switch
Pogo-pins connector for an easy CC reveal (example)
 Battery charger
 Main Led, Tri-Cree XPE-2 or Neopixel
 Switches, provided with the hilt.
 Speaker, 24mm bass speaker
 Pins, to connect the speaker module to the main chassis (Ex: Male / Female)
 Accent Leds, 3mm and 5mm accent leds
 Wires, we strongly recommend PTFE wires, as the insulation is thin while still able to handle current very well. You can find them from this eBay shop for example. Use the smallest AWG size possible:
– Tri-Cree install => 30awg for eveything
– Neopixel install => 32 awg wires for everything except Battery and Neopixel strip + and – (24awg PTFE).
 Heat shrink tubing, to protect your solder joints.
 1″ OD blade for the main blade.

Quick DIY guide: 

– These instructions will details the install procedure as much as possible. GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by DIYers.
– Always wear protective gear when working on install (gloves, eye protection, …), GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible in case of accident.

Recharge port