These designs are no longer supported (FAQ)

Knight Chassis: Chassis korbanth-parks-owk-knight-chassis
 Optional Crystal: korbanth-parks-k4-master-chassis-part3

Padawan Chassis:


Variant 1 uses the speaker / recharge cone design, to access the recharge port / kill key by unscrewing the pommel.
 Chassis Var1: korbanth-parks-owk-padawan-all-in-one-var1
Variant 2 has the speaker at the end. It uses an on/off switch instead of a kill key, and both switch and recharge port are accessible by unscrewing the booster/pommel parts.
 Chassis Var2: korbanth-parks-owk-padawan-all-in-one-var2

Additional chassis parts:

 Brass or copper rods – 1.5mm max OD sold at The Saber Armory

Padawan Chassis

Check OxR Creations video