Other Chassis for KRS Flagship

KR Flagship (2018 - 2021) Master Chassis

This master chassis is secured to the top of the hilt using the 12mm AV switch, and is revealed by unscrewing the hilt body.
It features a 18650 removable battery and 24mm Bass Speaker.
It's an entry level build suitable for beginners.


Hardware details

– 4 x 2mmx2mm magnets
– 2 x 4-40 threaded rods, 71mm length
– 4 x 4mmOD tubes, 9.2mm length (4-40 rods covers)
– 2 x 4mmOD tubes, 23.5mm length (wires channels)
– 2 x 1.5mmOD rods, 52mm lenght


  • Disclaimer

    GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by DIYers during their install. You must have a good understanding of what you’re doing, of the components used and the safety measures associated to them. Always wear protective gear when working on install (gloves, eye protection, …), GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible in case of accident.

  • Note #1

    Always use the smallest wires to make your install easier. There can be big differences between one wire type and another for the same AWG specs. PTFE Wires with the smallest OD are recommended such as those sold at The Saber Armory. A good wire management is also required, routing wires properly helps a lot saving space.

  • Note #2

    These instructions will not cover how to wire the soundboard, make sure to learn how to by reading the manual. We have also typical soundboards wiring available in the Padawan Tutorials. Always test your install along the way! Verifying that everything works after important steps is better than having to dismount everything because something wasn’t wired properly.

Chapter1 – Chassis pre-assembly

  • Step 0: Test the overall chassis assembly
    The chassis is secured to the hilt using the main AV switch, with a dedicated chassis part that locks onto it, and 4-40 threaded rods and nuts. The hilt lower body can then be unscrewed to reveal the Crystal Chamber and access components.

    Note that it possible to install a second tactile switch on this hilt, 180° opposite of the main AV switch. A dedicated slot exists on the chassis to secure the switch (to be installed in the hilt first, then insert the chassis lock part to secure it.

    Step 1: Cut apart the parts (and sand the excess of metal on the CC part).

    Step 2: Cut the rods and tubes (length described on the right column “Hardware details”.
    Then test the overall assembly.

Chapter2 – Assemble the Crystal Chamber

  • Step 3: Glue the 1.5mmOD rods and 4-40 threaded rods on the chassis lock part (use the CC part to maintain proper alignment when gluing)

    Step 4: Glue the CC instert into the main chamber, and then add and glue the crystal.

    Step 5: glue the 2 long 4mmOD tubes (wires passage)

    Step 6: wire and install the single pixel or crystal accent led.

    Step 7: add the chamber on the rods (with the 4mmOD tubes cover). Hex nut will be used to lock the chamber at proper distance from the chassis lock part. To see if the hex nuts are correctly set, check on the hilt with the chassis locked by the switch, there shouldn’t be any gap between the 4mmOD tube cover that the hilt.

Chapter3 – Install the main chassis

  • Step 8: Wire and install the 24mm Bass Speaker

    Step 9: Wire and install the battery contacts and kill switch

    Step 10: Glue the 2mmx2mm magnets (magnetic cover)

    Step 11: Install the soundboard

    Step 12: Assemble the chassis to the crystal chamber

    Step 13: wire and install the NPXL connector in the blade holder (or tri-cree heatsink). Then add the chassis to the hilt.

    Step 14: Lock the chassis by wiring and install the AV switch.