These designs are no longer supported (FAQ)

Custom Chassis

18650 battery, 2.1mm recharge port, 28mm bass speaker, CFX or Proffieboard
=> Chassis CFX: korbanth-as2-lightsaber-chassis-cfx
=> Chassis Proffie: korbanth-as2-lightsaber-chassis-proffie
=> Switch Plungers: korbanth-as2-switch-plungers

For neopixel install:
=> NPX Pogo-pin holder (KR): korbanth-as2-npx-pogo-pins-kr

=> NPX Pogo-pin holder (Shtok): korbanth-as2-npx-pogo-pins-shtok

Optional: this extension allows to install two 3mm leds that match the led holes on the hilt. Otherwise the fake leds of the hilt will light up with the blade. The extension reduce the blade socket depth substantially.
=> Chassis extetion + pogo-pin holder (KR): korbanth-as2-extention-kr
=> Chassis extension + Pogo-pin (Shtok): korbanth-as2-extention-shtok

ECO Chassis

=> ECO Chassis: korbanth-as2-fdm-eco-chassis
=> ECO Add-on: korbanth-as2-add-on-package-fdm-eco-chassis