Other Chassis for Arcann

Helv'tica Gemini Chassis (2018)

These designs are no longer supported (FAQ)

2 chassis styles are available for Helv’tica Gemini / Arcann
Style 1 – for NB4+PEx or Prizm5.1, 28mm Premium Speaker and 1×18650 or 2×18650 battery (in parallel for 3.7v setup – Neopixel).
Style 2 – for CF9 or I3, 28mm Premium Speaker and 1×18650 or 2×18650 battery.
Easy access to the access to Recharge Port, Rice and On/Off switch simply by unscrewing the pommel.


 Chassis Style 1: helv-tica-arcann-hilt-chassis-style1
 Chassis Style 2: helv-tica-arcann-hilt-chassis-style2
 3D printed crystal (optional): helv-tica-arcann-hilt-optional-crystal

Quick install instructions:

(step by step)

– These instructions will details the install procedure as much as possible. GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by DIYers.
– Always wear protective gear when working on install (gloves, eye protection, …), GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible in case of accident.

Note 1: 30awg wires and smaller are mandatory for this install (30awg for main wires and 32awg  for accent leds and switches are highly recommended)…. Oh and definitely use colored wires to make your life easier.

Note 2: These instructions will not cover how to wire the soundboard, make sure to learn how to by reading the manual.

Recharge port wiring:

The chassis is in 2 parts, a battery holder and a soundboard/speaker/port holder.

The 28mm flat speaker insert from the side, then there is a channel over it to pass the wires.

The 1.3mm recharge port and on/off switch insert from the back, make sure to channel the wires correctly (to not touch the speaker).
The board can be wired after installing the speaker and port/switch. Once done, the chassis insert into the crystal chamber part of the hilt.
The 5mm crystal led can then be wired.

The crystal chamber and chassis is eventually inserted into the back part of the hilt. The battery, switches and led can then be wired, with the other chassis part installed in the front hilt.