Other Chassis for Luke V2

Starkiller Luke V2 Chassis (2018)

These designs are no longer supported (FAQ)


Multi-parts chassis assembly with metal elements. 3D printed Crystal Chamber steel shell, with brass or bronze insert for an awesome reveal (revealed by unscrewing the front section – chassis includes a pogo-pin connector holder).  Chassis Part1 can be used stand-alone as a Padawan chassis, without the CC parts.

Prices: Depending on materials used and Shapeways material rates. Add the items in you can to get an estimate.
The crystal chamber can also be printed in plastic (and painted) to lower the cost.
Install Level: Intermediate

Part 1 – Main Chassis: ask-luke-v2-chassis-part1 
Part 2 – CC Shell: ask-luke-v2-chassis-part2
Part 3 – CC Inserts: ask-luke-v2-chassis-part3
Part 4 – Crystals: ask-luke-v2-chassis-part4

Additional chassis parts:

Brass or copper rods – 1.5mmOD 
⇒ Brass or copper tube – 4mmOD