Other Chassis for Mace Windu

89Sabers Windu (2019 & 2020) Master Chassis

Chassis for the 2019 and 2020 hilts only
(89Sabers windu 2017 hilt have a slightly smaller ID and shorter body length. It will required mods for the chassis to fit but it has been installed succesfully with the master chassis).

These designs are no longer supported (FAQ)


Depending on materials used and Shapeways material rates. Add the items in you can to get an estimate.
Install Level: Advanced

Part 1 – Main chassis CFX :korbanth-windu-master-chassis-part1-cfx
Part 1
– Main Chassis Proffie: korbanth-windu-master-chassis-part1-proffie
Part 2
– Metal Ring: korbanth-windu-master-chassis-part2
Part 3
– CC Insert:  korbanth-windu-master-chassis-part3
Part 4
– CC Insert: korbanth-windu-master-chassis-part4
Part 5
– CC Insert: korbanth-windu-master-chassis-part5
Part 6 – Metal Cover: korbanth-windu-master-chassis-part6
Part 7
– Metal Cover: korbanth-windu-master-chassis-part7
Part 8
– Crystal: korbanth-windu-master-chassis-part8

Additional chassis parts:

1.5mmOD rods