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Multi-parts chassis assembly with metal elements. 3D printed Crystal Chamber steel shell, with brass or bronze insert for an awesome reveal (revealed by unscrewing the front section – chassis includes a pogo-pin connector holder).  Chassis Part1 can be used stand-alone as a Padawan chassis, without the CC parts.

Part 1 – Main Chassis Style1 for CFX: 89sabers-lukev2-chassis-part1-style1-cfx
Part 1 – Main Chassis Style2
for Proffie89sabers-lukev2-chassis-part1-style2-proffie
Part 2 – CC Shell: 89sabers-lukev2-chassis-part2-cc-shell
Part 3 – CC Inserts: 89sabers-lukev2-chassis-part3-cc-inserts
Part 4 – Pogo-pin connector holder: 89sabers-lukev2-chassis-part4-pogo-pin
Part 5 – Crystals: 89sabers-lukev2-chassis-part5-crystals


ECO CHASSIS: 89sabers-luke-v2-eco-chassis

Additional chassis parts:

Brass or copper rods – 1.5mmOD 
⇒ Brass or copper tube – 4mmOD