Workshop spring cleaning 2019!

We have quite an extensive list of items to sell this year, many empty sabers and great bundle deals, check them out! We’ll update this page with each item availability status.
As usual, first ask first serve basis.

Order request by email: Please enable JavaScript
(please put in subject “SALES”)

Answer to mails could take up to a day or 2, don’t worry.
Prices doesn’t include shipping, to be quoted according to recipient location and eventual combined shipping (typical shipping in Europe around $20 and Wordwide around $35).
Payment by Paypal only (as Friend to avoid commission, or add 3.5% to the price displayed).
Please make sure to understand what you’re buying, all these discounted sales are final and return are not possible.


– NEC Igniter 3 + X-Drive
Quant: 1 New – Unit Price: $110
– Teensy Saber
Quant: 1 New (No SD) – Unit Price: $49
SOLD – Prizm 4
Quant: 1 Used (Yellow capacitor separated / No SD) – Unit Price: $70
SOLD – ProffieBoard
Quant: 2 New (No SD) – Unit Price: $49


SOLD – Anakin’s Armory – Unstable Blade Covers + Blades included (fit PP Kylo v2).
Quant: 2 kits New – Unit Price: $39

Empty hilts

– Rudy Pando – Luke V3 (1st run – 3/4″ blade holder)
New Empty – $220

– 89Sabers – Darth Vader
New in box – $220

– Hasbro – Maul FX custom conversion project
Each saber has been cut in the middle, and a custom tube was to be machined for a reveal core (see our YouTube video of Saberforge conversion 4 years ago). We never found the time to continue working on this one. The sale includes, the hasbro hilts, pommels and coupler, 2 TCSS conversion blade holders, 2 machined cores (to be machined further for reveal), 2 red button switches (Parks).
State as shown – $220

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On Hold or Sold

SOLD – KR-Sabers – Plo Koon empty + Chassis
Bundle Deal – $200

SOLD – KR-Sabers – Luke V2 kit (includes paint stencil) + Crystal Chamber kit + Chassis Var2 (for Proffie/21700 battery)
Bundle deal – $320

SOLD KR-Sabers – Barriss Offee empty + Chassis + Heatsink
Bundle Deal – $200

SOLDKR-Sabers – Adi Gallia empty + Chassis
Bundle Deal – $200

SOLDKR-Sabers – Kit Fisto empty + Chassis (NB) + Heatsink
Bundle Deal – $220

SOLD – Roman Props – MK1 FX – CHROME/OXIDE KIT (new) + extended heatsink and blade plug (Shtok) + prototype chassis
Bundle Deal – $500
SOLD – Rudy Pando – MK1 Crystal Chamber
New – $140

SOLDKorbanth – Crossguard 2.0 + prototype Master chassis + Steel insert and pommel
The Master Chassis has a steel and brass Crystal chamber, which has been weathered. The chassis includes the 1.3mm recharge port, kill switch and aux switch. The hilt has been modded for the red button Aux switch (as shown in our DIY instructions)
Bundle Deal – $300

SOLD – Phoenix Props – Kylo Ren (Empty KRCNCV2 Painted and assembled) + Prototype Master Chassis
The Master Chassis has a steel covers and brass / bronze Crystal chamber inserts.
Bundle deal – $900

SOLDOrbital Machining – Maul double saber staff (Rare screen accurate AwesomeSauce X11000 run)
New empty – $1200

SOLD – Roman Props – Luke V4 Balance
New Empty – $180

SOLD – Watto’s Junkyard – Tusken Slayer
New in box – $370

SOLD – Ox Works – KAM
New, sandblasted – $50

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