Workshop spring cleaning 2019!

Spring is arriving early this year. We will add item to this post regularly, like electronic components, empty sabers, … You’ll find great deals!
As usual, first ask first serve basis.

Order request by email: Please enable JavaScript
(please put in subject “SALES”)

Prices doesn’t include shipping, to be quoted according to recipient location and eventual combined shipping. Payment by Paypal only (as Friend to avoid commission, or add 3.5% to the price displayed).
Please make sure to understand what you’re buying, sales are final and return are not possible.


– NEC Igniter 3 + X-Drive – Quant: 1 New – Unit Price: $110

– Prizm 4 – Quant: 1 Used (Yellow capacitor separated / No SD) – Unit Price: $70

– Teensy Saber – Quant: 1 New (No SD) – Unit Price: $49

– ProffieBoard – Quant: 8 New (No SD) – Unit Price: $49 (2 bundle deal x4 = $170) – Sold

Nano Biscotte V4 Quant: 5 New – Unit Price: $49 (bundle deal x5 = $200)Sold

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– NerworXlab Deluxe V1 Graflex Blade holder – Quant: 1 – Unit Price: $39 Sold

– NerworXlab Deluxe V1.5 Graflex Blade holder – This V1.5 prototype is similar to the V1 but with a removable heatsink and symetric hole alignement. – Quant: 1 – Unit Price: $49 Sold

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Empty hilts

Check again later.

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