WIP Status – October17!

Here is a new Status Report on our current design projects:
What a busy period for GOTH-3Designs, we have many projects in parallel and as usual we’re making our best to progress and deliver what you’re waiting for!

The new GCM2.0 (GOTH Chassis Module) and All.In.One Chassis have started to be released for the 0.87″OD and 0.99″OD sizes, and we are working on the rest progressively.

We are also very eager to show our new Graflex Chassis prototype, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to make sure not to miss it!

Next we have a quite few new projects added in our To Do list, among which the promising Helv’tica Gemini Project (SW TOR Arcann hilt), OxWorks Ki Adi Mundi and Roman Props Balance (Luke V4).

Here is a list of 2017 projects (and onward) with their respective status:


– Roman Inception – Available.
– KR Ahsoka Shoto – Available.
– KR Ahsoka Shien – Available.
– 7 Chambers’ Vestige Available.
– NerfworXlab Rey Blaster – Available.
– Roman MK1 Padawan Chassis – Available.
Korbanth K4 (Padawan/Knight/Master) Available.
Korbanth OWK (Padawan/Knight/Master) – Available.
Korbanth DV6 (Sith Apprentice/Sith Master) – Available.
Korbanth MPP2.0 (Sith Apprentice/Sith Master) – Available.
Graflex Vintage (Knight Variant 2) – Available.

In progress:

Graflex Vintage Master Chassis – “EpVIII Special” In Progress 90% – Test in progress.
– GOTH Chassis Modules / All.In.One – Gen2 – In progress  – background task.
– Helv’tica’s Satele staff In progress 75% – 2 chassis variants are completed to be tested – ETA end of October.
– NerfworXlab Ezra / Kanan – In progress 50% –  we’re late on these => ETA around November.
– KR-Sabers’ Clan Hilts  In progress 50% – we’re are late on these as well => ETA around November.
– NerfworXlab Darksaber (hilt and chassis designs) – In progress 10% – ETA to be defined.
Roman MK1 Padawan (Rudy Pando Chamber variant) – In progress 95% – ETA end of October.
– Roman MK1 Master Chassis – In progress 30% – ETA TBD.
– Phoenix Props Kylo – In progress 20% – pending hilt to be shipped to us.

To Do:

NEW! – Helv’tica’s Gemini Project – Pending – Hilt not yet available.
NEW!Rudy Pando’s Luke V3Pending – Starting soon.
NEW!OxWorks KAMPending – Starting Soon.
NEW!Roman Props Balance V4Pending – Hilt not yet available.
NEW!89 Sabers hilts – Pending – Awaiting to receive hilts.
NEW! Teensy Saber chassis – Pending – Will create module for this particular soundboard.
Graflex 2.0 Knight Chassis – Variant 3 – Pending – Pending Graflex 2.5 redesign.
Graflex 2.0 Grand MasterPending – Pending Graflex 2.5 redesign.
Korbanth MPP2.0 Sith LordPending – this one will take time, ETA end of the year.
Korbanth DV6 Sith LordPending – this one will take time, ETA end of the year.
Korbanth  CrossguardPending – Hilt not yet available.
Korbanth LS6Pending – Hilt not yet available.
Roman Props MPPPending – Hilt not yet available.
Korbanth MPP2.0 Sith LordPending – Lowered priority due to low interest – ETA TBD.
Korbanth DV6 Sith LordPending – Lowered priority due to low interest – ETA TBD.
Korbanth DM1 – Pending – Hilt structure to review – ETA TBD.

– NerfworXlab Graflex Grand Master – you can follow this on TRA Forums


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