WIP Status – June18!

Lot of pending work to do as usual, the To List below speaks for itself! Still, we’ve still made good progress over the past few months, and we’re pretty happy for having released a good number of new chassis models.
If you haven’t checked yet the NerfworXlab Kanan and Ezra builds for instance, take a look to their build instruction pages and demos, they are pretty cool!

Next, we’re working hard to release soon our new flagship chassis, the Graflex Mentor Variant 2 with removable power cell. Keep an eye also on the upcoming KR-Sabers Luke V2 and Darth Maul lightsabers runs, their respective chassis will be out soon as well.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment on this Facebook post.
As always, thank you so much for your continuous support!

Here is the list for 2018 design projects including releases in late 2017 and onward) with their respective status:


– Phoenix Props / 7 Chambers Imperial Knight (padawan/Master)
Korbanth SID2.0
– NerfworXlab Kanan 
 NerfworXlab Ezra (Padawan/Master)
Korbanth LS6-Gullwing (Padawan/Master)
– Helv’tica’s Gemini (Arcann)
Graflex Vintage Mentor (Variant1)
Helv’tica’s Satele staff
KR-Sabers’ Clan Hilts (6 hilts)
89Sabers SID (design by KR-Sabers)
89Sabers Windu Padawan (design by KR-Sabers)
Phoenix Props Kylo (V2) (Sith Apprentice/Sith Master)
– NerfworXlab Rey Blaster
– Roman MK1 Padawan

In progress:

– Graflex Vintage Mentor (Variant2) – Testing – ETA Summer.
Korbanth Crossguard 2.0 (Padawan and Master) – Testing – ETA June.
– KR-Sabers Luke V2  – Testing – ETA June.
– KR-Sabers Darth Maul – In progress 30% – ETA Summer.
KR-Sabers Flagship – In progress 50% – delayed, but it’s coming! – ETA Summer

– 89Sabers Windu Master – In progress 30%  ETA TBD
– 89Sabers Graflex Master – In progress 50% – ETA TBD
– Helv’tica Reborn (Revan) – In progress 10% – ETA TBD
– RPK Luke V2 – In progress 30% – ETA TBD.
– GOTH Chassis Modules / All.In.One – Gen2 – In progress  – background task.

To Do:

Roman Props Balance V4 – ETA TBD.
Graflex 2.0 Knight Chassis – Variant 3 – ETA TBD
Graflex 2.0 Grand Master – ETA TBD.
Starkiller Luke V2 – ETA TBD.
Rudy Pando’s Luke V3 – ETA TBD.
Korbanth Y3 – Hilt not available yet
NEW! Phoenix Props / 7 Chamber Starkiller – Hilt not available yet
NEW! Phoenix Props Ben Solo “The Light” – Hilt not available yet
Roman Props MPP – ETA TBD
– Korbanth DM1 (2018 version) – ETA TBD
– NerfworXlab Luke V2 (new design) – future run project.
– Helv’tica Resolute (Orgus) – future run project.
– KR-Sabers Thermal Detonator – future run project.
 One Replica SS-Qj – We’re late – ETA TBD.
– One Replica SS-Gf – We’re late – ETA TBD
– OxWorks NYPD Futurama Baton – ETA TBD.
– OxWorks Ki Adi Mundi – We’re late – ETA TBD.


– NerfworXlab Darksaber – pending availability – lots of project in parallel at NerfworXlab.
– Korbanth MPP2.0 Sith Lord
 – Lowered priority due to low interest – planning to be reviewed.
Korbanth DV6 Sith Lord – Lowered priority due to low interest – planning to be reviewed.
– Roman MK1 Master Chassis – postponed until design log clears up – planning to be reviewed.
Korbanth DM1 (2017 version) – canceled.


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