WIP Status – February18!

Long overdue status update on our current and future design projects!

We kicked off 2018 by releasing our new Graflex Mentor Chassis, the most advanced design we’ve made so far! We’re pretty happy about it, and we’ll continue innovating on this Mentor chassis with a 2nd variant including cool new features (we target a release toward May), so stay tuned!

As you can see in the list below, we have a tremendous amount of design projects running in parallel, or just waiting to be started. That’s also why we had to postpone a few less demanded project (MPP and DV6 Sith Lord, or old DM1 for example), so that we could focus our effort and time on bigger priorities. And as we can’t design chassis for everything, we are now collaborating with other designers to keep our chassis offer and choice the best you can find in the galaxy!

You may have also noticed we are quite late in uploading the install instructions for some of our latest chassis releases. In fact, new sabers are coming in for design faster than we can actually build them. We thus started to add quick install guides instead of full instructions, so that general directions can be easily understood in order to properly install the chassis.
All missing guides will be completed shortly.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment on the Facebook post. As always, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support and patience!

Here is a new list for 2018 projects (including releases in late 2017 and onward) with their respective status:


Graflex Vintage Mentor (Variant1)
Helv’tica’s Satele staff
KR-Sabers’ Clan Hilts (6 hilts)
NEW! 89Sabers SID (design by KR-Sabers)
89Sabers Windu Padawan (design by KR-Sabers)
Phoenix Props Kylo (V2) (Sith Apprentice/Sith Master)
– NerfworXlab Rey Blaster
– Roman MK1 Padawan

In progress:

– Teensy Saber chassis modules – currently being added to the shop (design by Brittain Woolley)
– NerfworXlab Kanan Padawan
 – In progress 80% – ETA March.
– NerfworXlab Ezra Padawan – In progress 80% –  ETA March.
– NerfworXlab Kanan Master – In progress 50% – ETA April.
– NerfworXlab Ezra Master – In progress 30% – ETA May.
– Helv’tica’s Gemini (Arcann) – In progress 90% – 2 chassis variants are completed to be tested – ETA March.
– Korbanth LS6 Master – In progress 90% – 2 chassis variants, for grenade or gullwing reveal – ETA March
Korbanth LS6 Padawan – In progress 30% – ETA March
NEW! – Phoenix Props / 7 Chambers Imperial Knight Master – In progress 50% – ETA April
NEW! – Phoenix Props / 7 Chambers Imperial Knight Padawan – In progress 20% – ETA April
Graflex Vintage Mentor 
(Variant2) In Progress 50% – ETA to be defined.
– GOTH Chassis Modules / All.In.One – Gen2 – In progress  – background task.
– NerfworXlab Darksaber (hilt and chassis designs) – In progress 10% – ETA to be defined.
NEW! 89Sabers QuiGon Padawan – In progress 10%  ETA Soon (design by Brittain Woolley)
NEW! 89Sabers Windu Master – In progress 10%  ETA TBD

To Do:

Roman Props Balance V4 – Hilt in transit – work scheduled to start in March.
Graflex 2.0 Knight Chassis – Variant 3 – ETA TBD
Graflex 2.0 Grand Master – ETA June.
NEW! RPK Luke V2 – Hilt just received – ETA April.
NEW! Starkiller Luke V2 – Hilt just received – ETA TBD.
NEW! – KR-Sabers Darth Maul – ETA TBD.
NEW! One Replica SS-Qj – ETA March.
NEW! One Replica SS-Gf – ETA March/April.
NEW! OxWorks NYPD Futurama Baton – ETA TBD.
OxWorks Ki Adi Mundi – We’re late on this on – ETA TBD.
Rudy Pando’s Luke V3 – We’re late on this one – ETA TBD.
Parks Crossguard – Hilt not yet received.
Korbanth SID 2.0 (2018 version) – Hilt not yet received.
Roman Props MPP – Hilt not yet received
NEW! – Parks DM1 (2018 version) – Hilt not yet received.
NEW! – 89Sabers Graflex – Hilt not yet received.
NEW! – NerfworXlab Luke V2 (new design) – future run project.
NEW! – Helv’tica Reborn (Revan) – future run project.
NEW! – Helv’tica Resolute (Orgus) – future run project.
NEW! – KR-Sabers Luke V2 – future run project.
NEW! – KR-Sabers Thermal Detonator – future run project.


Korbanth MPP2.0 Sith Lord – Lowered priority due to low interest – planning to be reviewed.
Korbanth DV6 Sith Lord – Lowered priority due to low interest – planning to be reviewed.
– Roman MK1 Master Chassis – postponed until design log clears up – planning to be reviewed.
Korbanth DM1 (2017 version) – postponed until further notice – planning to be reviewed.


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