WIP Status – August17!

Here is a new Status Report for this summer:
While we always would have like to accomplish more and feel only limited by time, we still did some good progress and completed a few designs ūüôā We are aiming to have a few more available shortly like the Korbanth K4 and OWK.

Among the news, first, as a background task, we have started a full revamp of our GOTH Chassis Modules, which includes new modules (and crystal chambers). They will be released progressively starting with the 0.99″OD, and then the 0.87″OD chassis sections.

Next, to celebrate Episode VIII, we are going to create new Graflex Chassis. First,¬†a completely new design for the Graflex Replica / Vintage which will be quite interesting, as we’ve been thinking about it since a while. Next,¬†a new variant for the Graflex 2.0 Knight Chassis, as it was time for a change as well as time to take advantage of the new soundboards size, etc.


Here is a list of upcoming project for the remaining half of the year and their respective current status (this is not the order in which we’ll work on them):

–¬†Roman Inception¬†–¬†100% completed¬†– Available.
–¬†KR Ahsoka Shoto¬†–¬†100% completed¬†–¬†Available.
–¬†KR Ahsoka Shien¬†–¬†100% completed¬†– Availability in a couple of weeks.
NEW!¬†–¬†7 Chambers’ Vestige¬†–¬†100% completed¬†– Availability in the coming weeks.
–¬†NerfworXlab Rey Blaster¬†–¬†100% completed¬†– tests are in progress by Crucible Custom Props and we’ll confirm soon.
–¬†Roman MK1 Padawan Chassis¬†– 100% completed – to be tested soon.

NEW!¬†–¬†KR-Sabers’ Clan Hilts¬†–¬†In progress 50%¬†– 5 hilts will get a specific chassis each.
NEW!¬†–¬†GOTH Chassis Modules¬†–¬†Gen2¬†–¬†In progress ¬†– background task.
Korbanth¬†K4¬†–¬†In progress 50%¬†– ETA end of August.
–¬†NerfworXlab Ezra / Kanan¬†–¬†In progress 40%¬†– 4 chassis will be designed for these, ETA around end of September.
Korbanth¬†OWK¬†–¬†In progress 20%¬†– ETA end of August.
–¬†Roman MK1 Master Chassis¬†–¬†In progress 30%¬†– the design is in progress but will take some time to complete – ETA TBD.
–¬†Phoenix Props Kylo¬†–¬†In progress 20%¬†– pending hilt to be shipped to us.

NEW!¬†–¬†Graflex Master Chassis – EpVIII Special¬†–¬†Pending – completely new design to be developed.
NEW!¬†–¬†Graflex 2.0 Knight Chassis – Variant 3¬†–¬†Pending – It is time to give you guys a completely new chassis structure.
NerfworXlab DarksaberPending – need to complete the Kanan and Ezra run first.
Graflex 2.0 Grand MasterPending – need to clear some of the other projects first.
Korbanth MPP2.0 Sith LordPending Рthis one will take time, ETA end of the year.
Korbanth DV6 Sith LordPending Рthis one will take time, ETA end of the year.
Korbanth CrossguardPending РHilt not yet available.
Korbanth LS6Pending РHilt not yet available.
Roman MPPPending – Hilt not yet available.
Helv’tica’s¬†Satele staff¬†– Pending – Hilt not yet available, ETA TBD.

–¬†NerfworXlab Graflex Grand Master¬†– you can follow this on¬†TRA Forums¬†– new announcement coming soon!


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