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Vous pouvez parcourir ici les meilleurs Sabres Laser, ainsi que d’autres répliques Star Wars à monter sois-même, où les trouver et comment les construire en utilisant nos modèles de châssis imprimés en 3D. Vous pouvez utiliser les filtres à gauche pour affiner votre recherche. Revenez consulter cette page, nous ajoutons souvent de nouveaux modèles!

  • Ahsoka TCW (NerfworXlab)
    Ahsoka TCW (NerfworXlab)

    Ahsoka TCW (NerfworXlab)

    Ahsoka TCW (NerfworXlab)

    Ahsoka Tano was a Padawan who first appeared in The Clone Wars TV series, as apprentice of Anakin Skywalker.

    At some point during the Clone Wars, she was seen carrying 2 lightsabers, her main green bladed saber and a shoto with a yellow-green blade. NerfworXlab collaborative group (in which GOTH-3Designs is member) created a very accurate replica of both large and shoto hilts based on the TV show design. These hilts are also very install friendly and suitable for beginners using the specific chassis designed for them. Learn how with the DIY Instructions by clicking on the button below:

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    • Manufacturers: NerfworXlab
    • Movies: Clone Wars
    • Factions: Jedi
    • Availabilities: After Market

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