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  • Ahsoka Rebels (KR-Sabers)
    Ahsoka Rebels (KR-Sabers)

    Ahsoka Rebels (KR-Sabers)

    Ahsoka Rebels (KR-Sabers)

    As seen in Star Wars Rebels Season 2, these are replicas of Ahsoka Tano lightsabers. They has been created by KR-Sabers in collaboration with One Replica, and is available through limited runs only. These hilts are pretty particular as they have a curved body shape.

    GOTH-3designs has created a custom chassis that fits perfectly this curved to make the install very easy, making them also a great choice for beginners. Check the install instruction by clicking on the button below:

    BUILD YOUR OWN!Contact a builder

    • Manufacturers: KR-Sabers
    • Movies: Rebels
    • Factions: Jedi
    • Availabilities: After Market
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