Chassis summary:

Sith Master Available – DIY Instructions.
Sith Apprentice Available – DIY Instructions.

Shapeways Shop Section ⇒ C6 – Vader MPP/DV6



SITH MASTER – DIY Instructions and parts details

Multi-parts chassis including crystal chamber parts that can be printed in metal for the best effect.
Compatible with all soundboards with the “MutliBoards Adaptive Chassis” design.

Prices: From $118 (depending on materials used) – approx $185 with brass/bronze CC inserts.
Crystal Chamber parts can also be printed in plastic (and painted) to lower the cost.

Install Level: Intermediate



SITH APPRENTICE – DIY Instructions and parts details

All.In.One chassis for easy install, with MultiBoards Adpative Chassis design to hold all major Sounboards (NB, PRZ, PC, CF, SPARK2, I2). The battery slot can hold a single 18650 for a 3.7v solution, or a 2×18500 pack for a 7.4v solution.

The chassis include a kill key, but a slot for an on/off switch is also present. A slot for a RICE port (using Micro-JST plug) is included as well. All of these can be accessed easily by unscrewing the pommel.

Prices: Approx $60

Install Level: Beginner

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