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Parts Details:

1- 3D printed Chassis parts:

Here is our most advanced chassis for Neopixel installs.
With a full metal chassis core – extendable or completely removable – which design is inspired from the Star Wars Visual Dictionary.
Removable Kyber Crystal – the Lightsaber changes behavior, sound and color according to the crystal inserted.
Removable cover plates to reveal what’s under the hood:
– Plecter Labs Crystal Focus X or ProffieBoard
– Removable 18650 Keeppower battery
– OLED screen
– Bluetooth

Prices: Each part cost depends on the materials selected and Shapeways current rate. Build your cart using the links below in order to get a price estimate for the full chassis.
Install Level: Advanced

Find below the parts details of our chassis.
All parts can be found in the section C1-2-0 – Graflex Grand Master of our Shapeways shop.

The following parts will depend on the Blade Holder used – our new complete 3D printed blade holder is recommended for the best reveal appearance.
(Recommended materials are mentioned in brackets):

– Grand Master:
Top 1
(PA12): BH Top 1
Top 2
(PA12): BH Top 2
Main Holder
 (Natural Brass): Main Blade Holder
Switches Cover (Natural Brass): Switches Cover
Cover 1
(Natural Brass): BH Cover 1
Cover 2
(Natural Brass): BH Cover 2
Plug – Style1
(PA12): Blade Plug Style 1
——— Style2 (PA12): Blade Plug Style 2
Tube – Style1
: Blade Plug Tube Style 1
——— Style2 (PA12): Blade Plug Tube Style 2
Part1 – Style1 (Natural Brass): GMM Energy Channel 1 Style 1

– NWL Master:
Part1 –
(Natural Brass): GMM Energy Channel 1 Style 2
Switches Cover (Steel or Brass/Bronze): NWL_Master_Switches-Cover
BH Greeblies (Steel or Brass/Bronze): Blade-Holder-Greeblies

– KR’Sabers, TGS, … Others:
Part1 – Style3 (Natural Brass): GMM Energy Channel 1 Style 3

The rest of the chassis is common:

Part 02: GMM Energy Channel 2 (Natural Brass)
⇒ Part 03: GMM Rotating Gate
(Natural Brass)
⇒ Part 04: GMM Capacitors 1 (Natural Brass)
Part 05: GMM Capacitors 2 (Natural Brass)
⇒ Part 06: GMM Connectors  (PA12 Black)
⇒ Part 07: GMM Crystal Chamber (Natural Brass)
⇒ Part 08: GMM Crystal Holder 
(Natural Brass) – buy several to build more crystals
⇒ Part 09 – Style1: GMM Crystal – Normal Kyber Crystal
——— or Style2: GMM Crystal – Broken Kyber Crystal
⇒ Part 10: GMM Wiring Panel Hatch (Natural Brass)
⇒ Part 11: GMM Crystal Stabilizer (Natural Brass)
⇒ Part 12: GMM Shield (Natural Brass)
⇒ Part 13: GMM Power Gate (Natural Brass)
⇒ Part 14: GMM Arc Reactor (Natural Brass)
 Part 15: GMM Control Panel (Natural Brass)
 Part 16: GMM Power Cell Holder (Natural Bronze)
 Part 17: GMM Generator Shield (Natural Brass)
 Part 18: GMM Power Cell Cover (Natural Brass)
 Part 19: GMM Energy Shield (Natural Brass)
 Part 20– Style1: GMM Power Generator (PA12 Black) – CFX
——— or Style2: GMM Power Generator (PA12 Black) – ProffieBoard
 Part 21: GMM Power Coupler 1 (Natural Brass)
 Part 22: GMM Power Coupler 2 (Natural Brass)
 Part 23: GMM Power Stabilizer (Natural Brass)
 Part 24: GMM Radiator Fins 1 (Natural Brass)
 Part 25: GMM Radiator Fins 2 (Natural Brass)
 Part 26: GMM Power Indicators 

2- Additional chassis parts:

Most of the chassis parts needed for our chassis are available at The Saber Armory.
Local hobby stores or online store (as well as eBay) are a good source for parts.
You can also be inventive and add any custom parts, wire mesh, paint job or else to your chassis to give it an unique look!
Here is a list of the part required to build this chassis:

⇒ 4-40 threaded rods x 3 (recommended in brass)
 4mm long 4-40 nuts: x 3 (example, other type of nuts can be used)
 Bulgin Brass Pins (10A):
 Bulgin Brass Pins (1A):
 Brass, Aluminium or Copper tube: 
⇒ Brass, Aluminium or Copper rods:
Optional tubes and rods: You can add an additional mix of rods and tubes to the chassis Part01 and to the Crystal Chamber Part07.

3- Hilt / GRAFLEX Replica:

Graflex replica sellers:
The Saber Armory
Roman’s Props Shop
⇒ The Graflex Shop

4- Electronic components and blades:
Saber electronic components are basically more or less similar from one saber to another. You’ll need a main Led, a Battery, a recharge port, one or two switches, a soundboard, accent leds, a speaker and wires. Then the blade is the last part of your saber, they are usually made from PolyCarbonate tubes + tip.
You can find most of what you’ll need at The Saber Armory. Some components can also be found at The Saber Bay on Etsy. Local electronic shops or online stores like Digikey are also a good source.
Soundboard, Style1: CFX, Style2: ProffieBoard
Battery: 18650 3.7v Keeppower button top battery.
 Battery charger, various options are available to charge the removable power cell.
 Main Led: Neopixel pogo-pin connector
 Switches, on the blade holder:
– main is this model of Brass Tactile, with 2.2mm plunger height (3.5mm switch)
– slide switch => this model
 Speaker, 28mm bass speaker
 Accent Leds,
 Wires, we strongly recommend PTFE wires for The Saber Armory
 Heat shrink tubing, to protect your joints.
 7/8″ OD Blades (for Grand Master and NWL) or 1″ OD blades (for TGS and KR Blade Holders).


DIY Instructions:

– These instructions will details the install procedure as much as possible. GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by DIYers.
– Always wear protective gear when working on install (gloves, eye protection, …), GOTH-3Designs cannot be held responsible in case of accident.

Note 1

Note 3: The install can be done with any of blade holder available. These instructions are done with the Grand Master Blade Holder.

Note 4: This kind of chassis isn’t meant for dueling. Display or Cosplay only.

Note 5: 

Note 6:




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