Goth-3Designs designs and sells 3D printed Art for Lightsabers & Props. 

How do we work?

We create, prototype and test 3D printed chassis and accessories for specific and popular DIY lightsabers and Star Wars Props, manufactured by renowned producers.

We generally design several chassis versions for a specific saber, from a simple chassis mainly meant to ease the install and secure the electronic, for beginners or budget builds, to an epic Crystal Chamber reveal chassis with metal parts, for collectors.

The hilt structure always drive the chassis design and our expertise is to find the easiest way to install it, while we also strive to make it look great.


Once the design is approved, the chassis parts are made available for purchase  on our Shapeways or The Saber Armory shops, where you can buy them and have them printed.

We have the biggest offer for 3D printed chassis and accessories, with a growing number of chassis available every month. They are divided in 3 main categories:
– Chassis modules sorted by size, to build the chassis adapted to your needs.
– Specific chassis for the most popular manufacturers of DIY Lightsabers.
– ECO Chassis for budget install or PIY “Print it Yourrself” files.



Once your order placed, Shapeways or TSA will print the chassis in the material you’ve chosen and they will ship it directly to your address.

Shapeways or TSA ships worldwide.






At Goth-3Designs we also prepare for you detailed assembly instructions, and make them available on this website to help you build your own sabers (in English only at the moment).

You can find them for most of the specific sabers presented in the Index page and all of our advanced chassis always come with detailed instructions. We also take a lot of pictures at every steps of the build to give you a visual walkthrough.

We don’t use PDF and there is no need to print the instructions, they are always available and accessible by mobile and desktop devices.
Each instruction page also lists the electronic components used to build the saber, for you to check that you got all the needed parts.

DIY instructions always take a bit of time to be completed once a chassis is available, we thank you in advance for your understanding.


GOTH-3Designs’ Team

Founder of GOTH-3Designs, goes by Rick D. Ryô on most internet places.
Just another geek and particularly a Star Wars fan, who likes collecting / make useless stuffs and toys, and especially Lightsaber! Has been planning saber install and designing 3D printed chassis since years and reputed to provide the saber community and DIYers with easy to install and great looking chassis solutions!

Joined GOTH-3Designs team in 2016, firstly by taking over Marketing and Brand development tasks as well as organizing events.
Geek and collector by DNA, loves Star Wars and everything that can prolong the magic feeling of the movies, like the awesome Goth-3Designs chassis to build Lightsabers!


Collaboration and Partners

GOTH-3Designs is part of the collaborative group NerforworXlab.

Creators of the best collector props!
We work closely with a group of talented people and professionals (Solo’s Hold, Obi-Shane and Crucible Custom Props), from the props conception, through production and up to final install.

We are partner with KR-Sabers and The Saber Armory.

Thanks to our partnership with the excellent KR-Sabers, you can always find what you need at The Saber Armory to build your hilt with our chassis. We also collaborate in the creation of KR-Sabers empty hilts, to ensure future chassis development and easy of install.

We work closely with the main DIY Lightsabers manufacturers.

About GOTH-3Designs

GOTH-3Designs (previously named GOTH Custom Sabers) was created around end of 2012.

Back in 2004, Glory Of The Hunt was a Guild in Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG that I’ve been part of, and then guild leader… Not much left of the Guild nowadays of course, even if we still use the name in games from time to time. G.O.T.H. 3Designs is a tribute to these good old days, and also meant for the name not to fade into oblivion.

Like many others, I started doing custom sabers in 2012 after discovering the Saber community through forums, and all the awesome possibilities offered by it. A year after, I’ve searched how I could contribute better to the DIYer community and started self-training on 3D modeling. I always thought 3D printing was the future and quickly mainly focused on it.

GOTH-3Designs was then really born, with the objective of providing a wide range of 3D printed chassis and accessories to help my fellow DIYers build their own sabers. For this, I have chosen Shapeways as Production partner as they offer the best printing quality and customer service.

Today, with a team of 2 and around more than 250 available items in our Shapeways shop, GOTH-3Designs’ offer keeps on achieving the following goals:

  • => Providing great looking and easy to install chassis and Crystal Chambers to pimp sabers internal structure,
  • => Offering the best DIY solutions to secure all electronic components,
  • => Designing specific chassis for all the popular sabers, with detailed install step by step instructions.

Our products are not only 3D printed parts, they come with an install expertise and many R&D hours to find the best practical ways to install a Lightsaber with limited tooling.

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