3Designs Gift Rewards

We are really thankful for your support!

To show you guys our appreciation, we are pleased to start a new program from the 1st of November 2017:

3Designs Gift Rewards

We will start awarding Shapeways Gift Cards to our returning customers. How to get them? It’s easy, see the conditions below!




Simply buy from our shop to be eligible to receive a Gift Card:
=> From the Cx sections of our shop, buy 5 complete chassis in Plastic: earn a $25 Gift Card
=> From the Cx sections, buy 5 complete chassis including metal parts: earn a $50 Gift Card
=> From the Mx sections, buy 15 chassis modules: earn a $25 Gift Card
No combination or mix is possible between the 3 above rewards categories. Each user will have 3 separate counts.
A “complete” chassis means all the parts to build a single chassis, each part doesn’t count separately as a chassis.
No time limit, you can make several orders and earn several Gift Card overtime.
Order IDs / Chassis purchases used to claim a gift card won’t be eligible to claim another one.

Claiming your rewards:

To Claim your gift card => send a mail to Please enable JavaScript with the following info:
Name (First and last)
Shapeways user ID
Order IDs
Company (optional)

You will receive your Gift Card code by mail reply within 1 to 2 weeks. Gift Card code can then be used when shopping on our shop. Just apply it to your Shapeways cart like any promo code, and will thus deduce the amount from you total.


Changes log:
Conditions and details are subject to modifications.
There is no end date defined on this program for now, this can be added at a later point (another program could take over this one for example).
If any modifications are made, they will be reported below.
1st of Nov 2017 – Start Program
10th of Nov 2017 – Precision added added “complete chassis”


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