Enhance your lightsaber building experience

with GOTH-3Designs Lightsaber chassis, accessories and instructions!

Take your first step into a larger world, set your path to become a Jedi and learn how to build your own LightsaberYou have found here the best place to learn where to find Lightsaber hilts, 3D printed items, knowledge and instructions to help you into this journey!

We create 3D printed art for Lightsabers & Props, and we offer a large compatibility with the best DIY sabers available, and a wide variety of install possibilities (from basic / budget builds up to collector sabers with epic Crystal Chamber).

Whereas you are a DYIer, Installer or Sabersmith, using 3D printed chassis and accessories will make your life much easier and your building experience more enjoyableIt will secure properly your electronic components, and make your saber look great internally!

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